The immigration consultancy designed for pioneer solutions

We are to help clients predict and plan for disruptive future opportunities and create new paths to growth in a constantly changing environment. We know the issues that people face in foreign countries, we have experienced them ourselves, and we use these insights to connect the opportunities and expectations, supported by endless creativity and flexibility. We are the team for your challenges.

Company History

Expat World was founded in 2012 by a team of pioneering professionals with a mission to create a knowledge-based company that goes beyond traditional relocation and immigration agencies. A place where consultants are not afraid to think out of the box and create more and more customized solutions, they monitor constantly changing needs and opportunities, and work tirelessly to create an expert company where there is always an answer to everything and where it is good to be a client.

It was part of the basic concept that all of this should be implemented in a fast, simple, flexible system imbued with openness and personal attention, in a flat organizational structure. As we know that time is a particularly critical factor in this field.

Our Partners

In the last eleven years we have assisted the work of nearly 150 companies as a contracted immigration and relocation partner or as a local service provider for global relocation companies. With more than 10,000 successful processes in relation to 60 different countries, the soundness of our corporate philosophy seems to be proven and this gives energy for continuous improvements.

We are open, creative and pioneering, we know people, problems and needs well, we are EXPAT WORLD.

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Social Responsibility

We always try to be authentic, provide value, and find a way to serve. Helping people in need with our knowledge and global experience has always been a core value at Expat World.

We are proud to be the immigration consultancy partner of Prospects in Hungary, a wonderful program helping Ukrainian asylum-seekers in their job search and integration in Hungary.

We help all Ukrainian asylum-seekers and their future employers to have a better understanding of the related residence and employment options, and the official obligations.